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Intellectual property, the "required questions" of the new era

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Did you answer the question of intellectual property right in the college entrance examination correctly? In the college entrance examination this year, Chinese national Ⅱ volume utility class text reading question 7 to 9, according to the 2017 China patent survey data and from the China intellectual property rights, such as newspapers and magazines about the intellectual property rights and patent transformation using the article carries on the analysis, score as high as 12 points; Similarly, Chinese national Ⅲ volume utility class text reading materials three is about the spread of the copyright in the methods and value realization.
"When I saw that there was intellectual property in the exam, I felt more confident." Pan yuehang, a senior student from class 4, grade 3, yubei middle school in chongqing, could not conceal his excitement when he was interviewed by China intellectual property news. She tells a reporter, because the school is the national intellectual property rights of primary and secondary schools education pilot schools, school lectures, publicity column can always appear in the content of the intellectual property rights, and before that, she also has carried on the intellectual property of tabloid, further understanding of the intellectual property rights, which made her feel much easier when answering question.
"College entrance examination reflects the trend of The Times. The trend of The Times is intensified and amplified by the platform of college entrance examination. Experts say. In recent years, the CPC central committee and the state council attach great importance to the work of intellectual property rights. At BBS in boao, President xi stressed that strengthening ipr protection is the most important part of improving the property rights protection system and the biggest incentive to improve China's economic competitiveness. At the same time, the state council on accelerating the construction of the power of intellectual property rights under the new situation several opinions "" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in the state intellectual property protection and the use of" planning "and other guidance document printing, for the work of intellectual property rights in China has been clear about the route. In under the guidance of a series of policies, creating level continued ascension, the protection of intellectual property rights in China rising, growing use benefit and continue to improve management ability, career progress of intellectual property rights are being socially.
"In our country, the university entrance exam is focus the attention of the national examination platform, in the university entrance exam questions appearing in the high frequency of the intellectual property of material, from one side of the foundation education of intellectual property has get positive response. With the help of college entrance examination questions, the implementation of innovative culture can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Appeared frequently test for this year's intellectual property content, central China normal university institute of intellectual property rights bureau chief liu hua said in an interview with our reporter, powers of intellectual property rights in intellectual property resources include not only national accumulation and hard power in the control of technological innovation, including the whole society advocating innovation, respect for intellectual property rights and so on cultural soft power. The social consensus on the value recognition of intellectual property is the social ideological basis for the more effective operation of intellectual property system.
"Intellectual property culture is an integral part of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics." In 2013, the state intellectual property office and other departments issued "some opinions on strengthening intellectual property cultural construction". Under the unified deployment of the national game of chess, China's intellectual property publicity, education and other work have been gradually promoted. Especially in primary and middle school education level of intellectual property rights, since 2014, the state intellectual property office jointly with the ministry of education, carrying out the national primary and secondary school education of intellectual property pilot demonstration work, so far, has been in the national assessment of 112 primary and secondary schools in three batches of intellectual property rights education pilot schools, also at a provincial level evaluation of provinces and cities, out of the nearly thousand intellectual property pilot demonstration school. The evaluation of state, provincial and prefecture-level demonstration schools for intellectual property rights has attracted wide attention in the basic education system.
"We carry out the education of intellectual property rights achievements is not only reflected in the intellectual property knowledge for students in the process of problem solving of reserves, more is to cultivate and enhance their consciousness of intellectual property rights, infiltrated 'respect knowledge, advocating innovation' scientific spirit." Intellectual property rights of countrywide middle and primary school education pilot schools in kunming xiong deyou fifth middle school assistant principal, a senior Chinese teacher Chen yong said that the essence of the future global competition is the competition of science and technology, and the competition of science and technology in the final analysis is the competition of intellectual property rights. The formation of an atmosphere of awareness, respect and protection of intellectual property rights by the whole society is of great significance to enhancing the country's scientific, technological and economic strength. We hope to achieve the goal of "education has one child, affects one family and drives the whole society" through the development of intellectual property education.
"The education of intellectual property rights in primary and secondary schools is an important measure to enlighten young people's awareness of intellectual property rights and promote innovative culture. Basic education stage is the key to youth values formation period, the vivid experience activities during this period, the pedagogue to develop the creativity and intellectual property values of basic literacy is beneficial. These qualities are not only conducive to the future development of the individual educated, but also conducive to the country's high requirements on the quality of human resources and social and cultural quality in the building of a strong intellectual property right country. "Said liu. (reporter: wu ke)

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