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China's intellectual property protection and utilization level has been rapidly improved

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The intellectual property development research center of the state intellectual property office (ipr) today released the report on China's ipr development in 2017. Report shows that our country intellectual property development in the world rankings improve rapidly, ranking in 2012 and 2016, four years from the 19th to the tenth, increase per year on average three places, the overall level of development of intellectual property rights, especially the level of protection of intellectual property rights to use rapid ascension.
According to the report, China's comprehensive intellectual property development index in 2017 was 218.3 (compared with 100 in 2010), an increase of 9.0% over the previous year and a high growth rate.
Development research center, director of the state intellectual property office of the intellectual property Han Xiucheng introduction, in 2017, our country intellectual property creation, utilization, protection, management and service work and so on various aspects have made obvious progress.
Create development level of ascension to accelerate, create index was 216.5 in 2017, increased by 27.0 points over the previous year, from the concrete data, 2017 kinds of main types of intellectual property application, registration, registration number all have substantial growth, structure was further optimized.
The growth rate of the utilization level slowed down, and the utilization index was 182.7, 4.4 points higher than the previous year. "Generally speaking, the development index of intellectual property use is highly correlated with China's economic development trend. On the one hand, the scale and benefit of intellectual property will be greatly affected by economic fluctuation. On the other hand, improving the scale and efficiency of the application of intellectual property rights is conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of China's economic development. Han xiucheng analysis.
In 2017, the development level of China's ipr protection has been steadily rising, with the protection index reaching 232.9 points, an increase of 16.3 points over the previous year. The index rose from 100 points in 2010 to 232.9 points in 2017, indicating a significant improvement in China's ipr protection during this period.
At the same time, China's intellectual property environment has made significant progress. The environment index for 2017 was 241.2, up 24.4 points from the previous year. "This is mainly due to the continuous optimization of the intellectual property system environment, the steady increase in the number of service institutions and personnel and the rapid increase in the awareness of intellectual property throughout the society." Han xiucheng said China's intellectual property environment remains to be improved compared with the country's strong intellectual property rights.
In general, the development level of intellectual property in China has been steadily improved. China's intellectual property development level ranks in the middle and upper reaches of the world. In 2016, China's ranking in the world increased from the 14th place to the 10th place, further narrowing the gap with the powerful country of intellectual property. (reporter: jiang jianke)


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