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Qianmu’s trademark team have more than 8 years’ legal practical experience, provide with legal services in all aspects of trademark for domestic and international enterprises, including trademark administrative procedures, administrative litigations, rights-defending in administrative channels and rights-defending in judicial channels. Qianmu’s Trademark service covers more than 100 countries and areas worldwide and is devoted to providing one-stop, global trademark solutions. It has established a long-term co-operative relationship with several hundred foreign IP firms, and helped Chinese enterprises with trademark protection and overseas trademark dispute resolution.Qianmu is particularly experienced in combating malicious registration in China mainland, its personalized legal advice, quick reaction mechanism and greater chance of success is highly recognized by foreign clients.

Qianmu's Trademark Services Include


◆ Managing trademark portfolios

◆ Trademark searching service

◆ Trademark watching Service

◆ Prosecuting trademark applications

◆ Trademark opposition proceeding

◆ Trademark reexamination/review

◆ Trademark invalidation proceeding

◆ Trademark cancellation based on non-use of three consecutive years

◆ Trademark license recordal

◆ Trademark pledge

◆ Recognition of well-known trademarks

◆ Pursuing reviews of administrative decisions in court

◆ Trademark administrative litigation

◆ Conducting market and company investigations and due diligence

◆ Drafting and sending warning letter

◆ Handling administrative complaint

◆ Criminal investigation

◆ Litigation negotiation and settlement

◆ Trademark infringement litigation

◆ Enforcing trademark rights via customs

◆ Global trademark mapping

◆ Madrid international registration

◆ Advising on customized strategies for trademark protection

◆ Advising on trademark-related issues in commercial transactions, including licensing and franchising.

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