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What application materials are required for trademark application

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⒈ Those who apply for registration under the name of a company must provide a copy of the business license and affix the official seal on the copy of the business license;

⒉ If you apply for registration in your personal name, you need to provide a copy of your personal ID card and a copy of the business license of the individual business owner. The copy of the business license of the individual business owner must be stamped with the official seal;

⒊ Provide trademark text or drawings. If the color needs to be protected, color drawings shall also be provided;

⒋ The provision of goods/services to be registered may refer to the tenth edition of the "International Classification of Goods and Services for Trademark Registration" (Nice Classification) according to the goods or services provided by the applicant, and the Trademark Office according to the above-mentioned international classification table Fill in the revised "Similar Goods and Services Classification Table";

⒌ Provide a "Trademark Agency Power of Attorney" with official seal or signature, which can be downloaded from this website; especially note that the address on the "Trademark Agency Power of Attorney" should be exactly the same as the registered address on the business license.

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